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Unaka Corporation is a family of Food and Beverage Brands
Sopakco Packaging
Our experience in processed foods began more than 60 years ago with the U.S. military. Today SOPAKCO is the leading supplier of meals ready to eat (MREs) to the U.S. military and the world.
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Meco Corporation
At Meco, our mission is to honor our customers’ needs by emphasizing service, a commitment to quality products, and creating an environment for our employees share in our growth.
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Sopakco Distribution
Our location also gives us the ability to reach two-thirds of the US markets by one or two days driving time, making us an ideal location for your warehousing and distribution needs.

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Crown Point
CROWN POINT LTD supplies a wide range of products, both organic and conventional. Our success has been built on reputable service, knowledge, honesty, and old-fashioned good business ethics.
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UNAKA is a family of brands offering a variety of products and services to the food and beverage industry. UNAKA's brands include Sopakco Packaging, MECO, Sopakco Distribution, and Crown Point.

Sopakco Packaging has delivered quality food solutions to private-label customers since 1943. For 80 years, we have been one of the world's leading food processing and packaging companies.

Meco has been a domestic manufacturer and Metals Engineering Company since 1959. We have manufactured over 60 million outdoor barbeque grills along with 150 million chairs and tables from our furniture for the retail market division name brands such as StakMore, Sudden Comfort, and Sudden Solution.

Sopakco Distribution SoPakCo is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all our customers' diversified warehousing and transportation needs through our knowledgeable and experienced employees.

Crown Point is a U.S.-based company that has specialized in supplying ingredients to food processors and quality products to the distribution and retail trades since 1988. Our mission is to continue to provide top-quality products and exceptional service while increasing our product lines to better serve our customers' requirements and high standards.

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